God Has No Name But Love

I cherish the company of the troubled,
Those who yearn, Heartbroken,
For One beyond envisioning.

The lunatic fringe, to the orthodox,
No longer sane, perhaps never so,
Distracted in the Madness of Love.

The clergy protested burying Hafez,
In the depths of hallowed ground,
Finding his poetry… profane.

No matter that they relented, in time,
For my Friend is buried now,
In the Hallowed Ground of My Heart.

So few there are, thus lunatic,
So few for whom She moves,
In every breath and heartbeat.

Only those Mad with Love,
Will abandon “belief”,
And wander this Vast Unknowing,

Where Wisdom is Surrender,
And Treasure is of the Heart,
And Hafez, met upon the Way, sings…

“God has no name but Love.”