God By Any Name

It's not necessary to believe
That anything called “God” remains,
When space, time, manifestation,
And the felt sense of “i” vanishes.

It's simply not necessary to believe…
Anything at all.

Buddha Nature,

Or even… Emptiness.

What matters – or so it seems to this one,
Is that in Direct Experience, not belief,
You are Liberated from the felt sense of “i”,
And your Experience of Being… Illumined with Bliss.

Not simply intellectual clarity or conclusive logic,
However diamond-like, profound, and transmuting,
But Liberation…
Across the Whole of Being.

Then… existing in Fullness and Completion,
Breathing Ineffable Sublimity,
You won't give a whit,
About “what”, “why”, and “how”.

Oh… if it's your nature,
You can “think about” it all you like,
Interpreting, formulating, articulating,
And yammer to anyone who'll listen.

Perhaps you'll even think,
Of yet another name for,
Yet another description of,
The Great Mystery.

But in doing so,
Moving in concept, theory, and conjecture,
And thereafter declaring “the truth”
With certitude and authority…

You won't be doing anyone any favors.