A Gesture of Love

It was a Gesture of Love,
Not a skill “learned”,
This turning to face The Beloved.

I could not grasp, or She would flee,
I could not seek to hold and sustain,
Or The Friend would vanish.

She taught me this, Herself.

It was a gentle turning of Attention,
A movement of Affection, within,
Until “I” could no longer be found…

And yet… Aliveness Shone.

It was not enough to come to this place,
Where, unable to find myself,
“I” became Vast and Limitless.

For this “I”, as well,
However subtle the feeling,
Had to Vanish.

There, at that Juncture,
I moved from thoughtful investigation,
To Feeling enquiry…

Where no “I” was found…
I Felt what Was,
And Rested there, ever more deeply.

The mind's capabilities exhausted,
I Felt for that which was there,
Before ever I learned…

“Who” I was,
“What” I was,
“How” I was.

Before ever I knew,
What “I” meant,
And “I” and “thou” arose.

The Beloved awaited there,
To Vanish with me,
Into the Great Mystery…

My own Shining Aliveness,
Before this twinkling Dream ever sparkled…
From the Infinitely faceted diamond of…

Stop now… Shhhhhhh… and Feel.