Forget about “Consciousness” being everywhere,
Here in the world of space, time, and objects.
Such “concepts” of Relative Nonduality,
Will only keep you from first turning inward…

And Vanishing into and as Absolute Nonduality.

Without first Experiencing the Absolute,
Or at least… wandering into the frontiers of Heaven,
Knowledge of the Relative Absolute is a glass of tepid water,
Not to be confused with the Wine of Experience…

The “Experience” of Dissolution and Bliss.
Each inherent in the other,
Like wetness to water,
Or heat to fire…

Dissolution, in Direct Experience,
Of space, time, objects, and self,
In the Unalloyed Ecstasy,
Of Pure Being…

In which all “knowledge“ vanishes,
In the Absolute Dissolution of Duality,
Along with the one who would “know”,
And only Experience remains…

The Experience of Heaven.

Platitudes, however true, are barren seeds,
When understood only in the mind,
By those in whom the Wellspring of Love,
Has not yet bubbled up in the Heart.

“You are already always enlightened.”
“There is nothing to be done.”
“All there is, is Consciousness.”
“Understanding that is all that is required.”
“It's all an illusion.”
“Everything is perfect as it is.”

How tragic that so many eat this air for nourishment.

Yes, “they” will speak,
All of these platitudes, and more,
But these words can only be understood,
After the salt doll has Dissolved in the Ocean…

In your actual Experience of Being.

Until then… they are merely concepts,
Doses of intellectual and emotional heroine,
That will leave you thirsting,
On the shore of the Ocean of Pure Being…

That will keep you from Drowning.

Who are “they”?
Those whose nature would not allow them to rest,
With a mind Intoxicated, Dissolute, and Fulfilled,
Who, after the fact, interpreted the uninterpretable…

In concepts, theories, and conjecture.

Leave all of that to them,
And to those who dwell in the mind,
Who struggle and strive in the countless “isms”,
Including so-called “nonduality”,…

In quest of their Heart's Desire.

First… come to, or at least come close,
To the Experience of Pure, Unalloyed Nonduality,
Before planting a flag in the conceptual nonduality,
Of space, time, and objects.

Forget about a formless “something”
Being limitless, spacious and vast,
Everywhere, in all things,
The same self in all…

Abandon all concepts,
All acquired “knowledge” of,
And Fall… Fall… Fall…
Into the Oblivion of these Dualities, these partialities…

In Existence as Absolute Nonduality.

All of it… concept, theory, and conjecture,
However beautiful it may sound,
However comforting in various ways,
However sound within a certain semantic logic.

All of it… a half-empty glass of lukewarm water.

As Ramakrishna said,
First Know God, then do as you please.
Not a cerebral “knowing”,
However profound and impactful…

But… a “Knowing” in Experience.

It… is… not… complex.
Requiring no “fixing” of the psychological self,
No “perfecting” of “imperfection”,
But only the inward… turning… of… Attention.

Find the “I” Feeling, and Rest there.

Turn your wandering Attention within,
And find the Self within your self, as Rumi said;
The Self to which, in which, as which “you“ appear,
Within which… all that appears, appears…

And Disappear.

Find it not by “thinking about” it,
But by Feeling with the Whole of your Being,
What You are, Where you are,
Before the feeling of the you, the person, ever arose.

Words like “limitless”, “Boundless”, “Infinite”,
Have no meaning here!
They cannot be understood properly,
Until you Feel the “I” Feeling so deeply…

That “you” Vanish into and as It.

For “Infinite”, in Absolute Nonduality,
Has nothing to do with space,
And “Eternal”, in Absolute Nonduality,
Has nothing to do with time.

You will know you are wandering,
Into the frontiers of Heaven,
As you, the experiencer, begin to Vanish,
And an inexpressible Bliss arises.

Do not dismiss this Bliss,
As a mere phenomenal arising, like all others,
A dangerous sweet to be ignored.
For unlike all other experience…

This Bliss is inherent in the Dissolution of “you”…
As heat is to fire,
Or wetness to water.
Not merely an “effect” of inward turning.

This is the first soft Fragrance,
Here in the Dream of manifestation,
Of the Unalloyed Ecstasy
Of Formless Pure Being…

Your Heart's Desire.

Dissolution will increase,
If you persevere, dear friend,
As will the Bliss of Pure Being,
Until “you” drown in that Ocean…

Vanishing altogether.

The Wellspring of Bliss in your Heart,
Will become the Ocean of Unalloyed Ecstasy,
Experienced by no one,
For it is the Nature of “you” Vanished…

Along with space, time, and all of Creation.

You are the formless, unmanifest Mystery,
And… you are all that appears,
From, within, and as that Mystery,
As it moves into Creation.

Once you have poked a hole in Heaven,
It will Shine into your manifest Experience,
Of space, time, and objects,
Here… in this Dream of duality.

And in time, that Wellspring in your Heart,
Will Dissolve the residues,
Of the salt doll “self”,
In those Living Waters.

Knowledge… is… insufficient.
Many “know” intellectually,
That they are formless Pure Being,
But continue to “feel” themselves bound…

For such “knowledge” is nothing more than “belief”.

To cut The Knot…
“Find the ‘I‘ Feeling, and rest there.”
As Ramana said.
Not by looking at a conceptual “picture”…

But by diving deep, in Feeling, in Experience.

Throughout the day, as you can Remember,
Turn Attention within, turn Feeling within,
And forgetting all concept, theory, and conjecture,
Investigate the nature of Where and What you are…

And Resting there…
Moved by that Ancient Longing…
Dissolve in and as The Unknowable Mystery…
That You Are.

You will find, along the Way,
That even as you enter the frontiers of The Kingdom,
Your Deepest Interiority will become Filled,
With Fullness, Completion, and Bliss…

Enveloped in the Fragrance of The Beloved.

If you are simply too disturbed,
At the level of psychology and emotion,
Simply too frenetic within yourself,
To find that “I” Feeling, within…

Using Fierce Discernment, following your Heart,
Seek out one in whom that Flame is Alight,
And in relationship with whom,
The ember within your own Heart ignites…

And Rest in that Gift…

Until such time as you are able,
To turn Attention Within,
And alone… within yourself,
Be Greeted…

By Your Self.
By The Beloved.

The Great Mystery.

Only then,
Will you be able to truly understand,
The incomprehensible Paradox,
Of Relative Nonduality…

As Absolute Nonduality.