Fellowship Of The Heart

It matters not if you follow the cross,
Or the crescent moon,
The Buddha,
Or Zoroaster,
Whether a nondualist,
Or a Lover of the deities,
One of deep, abiding faith,
Or… one who simply does not know.

The only attribute of consequence,
In those to whom I am drawn, these days,
Is the Quality of the Heart.
When you can,
You seek to Bless,
And when you cannot…
You strive, at least, to do no harm.

All else is dross, to this one, at least.
For I value the Fellowship of the Heart,
Above the community of belief and knowledge,
Esteeming not the outer peripheral,
But Cherishing the Inner Essential,
Eschewing “spiritual” stature,
And holding fast to those in whom I find…

Honesty, Humility, and the Simplicity of Love.