Drown Here

In my youth, starry-eyed, I wandered,
With countless others, starry-eyed,
The many stalls of the spiritual marketplace.

I found the cacophony more than I could bear,
So many voices proclaiming “truth”,
That I could no longer decipher the meaning.

Too many arguments there, among “believers”,
Too many assertions of right and wrong,
Too much contention among the orthodox.

And so it was that leaving the din and clamor,
The Way I found led away from those who “know”,
Into the trackless wilderness of Unknowing,

How could I have imagined that it would be there,
In the Dark Night of Hopeless Despair,
That The Beautiful One would find me, and question.

“What treasure is left to you, now that all hope is lost,
Now that the Vultures have picked clean the bones,
Of logic and reason, faith, belief, and dogma?”

Searching to answer The Beloved, in the desolation within,
I found only the desiccated bones, crumbling to dust,
Of the many beliefs I had held to.

“Further, My Love, much further within” She urged,
“Back, behind, before… abandoning everything,
Even your cherished duality of ‘I’ and ‘Thou’.”

And so it was, with the wind of Her Love at my back,
I found, at last, in the deepest interiority of Being,
A Pool of Love, lost in ancient memory.

It was the taste of these Waters, I remembered,
That had first moved me to wander afar,
Away from my Soul, in search of The Ocean.

“Drown Here,” She pointed, ushering,
“For the Water of your Soul is of the Ocean you seek,
In every drop, the Whole of the Ocean, Complete.”

“In your very Essence, the Heart's Desire Fulfilled.”