Don't Stop

When I enquired with the intellect,
And discovered myself undiscoverable,
I did not stop in the knowledge,
Of what I was not.

For what I am not, is not what I am.

However Serene that Emptiness,
However Peaceful that Vast Unlocatability,
It did not fulfill my Heart's Desire,
Being still on the far frontiers…

Of the Kingdom of Heaven.

There… at that fateful juncture,
I did not plant a flag and declare the summit,
Or give name and form to the Ineffable,
But abandoning words, concepts, and imaginings…

Fell headlong into the Heart…

Where the Serene Emptiness of Liberation,
Was Illumined with Fullness, Completion, and Bliss,
And my mind, myself, and the world lost…
I found Heaven…

In the Arms of The Beloved.

Drowning in the Depths of Her Eyes,
Knowledge… which had served so well,
In bringing me to that Far Shore,
Vanished, like so many grains of salt…

In the Ocean of Fathomless Wonder.