If the ember within your Heart
Is not yet ignited in Flame,
If the bud is not yet opened,
The Heart's Desire not yet fulfilled…

Find a Heart that Shines,
A Blossom opened,
A Fountain of Grace,
And bathe in that Benediction.

And if, in time,
Your own Heart does not ignite,
In Love's Unimaginable Grace…

Don't dawdle.

The Guru is not a man,
A woman,
A place,
A God.

The Highest Guide is The Beloved within,
Where “within” and “without”
“Seeker” and “Sought”…

Don't dawdle
For the sake of good company,
For comforting words,
Or the glamour of “spiritual” powers.

Don't dawdle.

Of course…
Your Heart tells you to.

And then…
Revel in Dawdling.