A Dance of Apparitions

When She and I were in the dance of flirtation,
Before Her Embrace, and Lingering Perfume…

Even then I found, to my Great Delight,
That I could do no wrong,
In the stance I held in Loving Relationship,
Whatever that stance might be.

And now that She is the Gardener of my Soul,
Having taken up Residence in the Heart,
I find, still, to my Great Delight,
That I can do no wrong.

For She neither increases, nor diminishes,
Whichever stance I might take in Loving Her,
Each Way proving Beautiful and Fruitful,
However varied in their natures.

Standing here, I am Her Lover,
And She, my Beloved.

Standing here, I am Her Child,
And She, my Loving Mother.

Standing here, I am Her Friend,
And She, my Wise Counsel.

Standing here, I Vanish,
Into Her… as Her…

And standing here,
Both She and I had Disappear,
Leaving only that which Shines,
Before ever “we” existed.

And although some decry the possibility,
I find it to be so, again and again,
That in whatever state I find myself,
Deemed “good” or “bad” by the scriptures…

She is there.

What Love is this,
What Grace,

Oh, wearying debaters of “truth“,
Let all be Free to Celebrate their Love,
All stances being “true”, in their way,
All… merely… a Dance of Apparitions.

The Illumination of the Heart,
Is not born of the Way in which we Love,
But through the Mystical Alchemy,
Of Love, Itself.