Beyond Peace and Happiness

Beyond Peace and Happiness
There is a Great Ocean.

Peace and Happiness are only qualities
Of standing at the shore,
Feet in the water.

Beyond what most call awakening, is Illumination,
The infusion of the Experience of Being
With Bliss.


Not merely Peace and Happiness.
Not merely Stillness or Silence.
Not merely formless Shiva.

Not an intellectual, psychological,
Emotional, or energetic experience
Had by an “experiencer”.


The Ananda of Sat·chit·ananda.
Shiva (Formless Aliveness)
Revealed as Shakti (manifestation).

When formless Shiva turns
To behold Himself as the Beloved, Shakti,
And the intercessor “self”
No longer stands between,
There are no words for the Ecstasy of that Union.

But whatever words might be used,
They are certainly not simply
“Peace” and “Happiness”.
An Orgasm is not a “peaceful” experience,
Or “happy”.

Such is the Union of Shiva and Shakti.
And it is Experienced, not “known”.
Without an intercessor experiencer.

Beyond “knowledge” is Feeling.
Beyond knowing is Being.
Beyond concept is Experience.
Beyond Stillness and Silence is….

The Shining, Radiant,
Unlocatable Aliveness of Being
Experienced as Ineffable Sublimity.