Attention is the focal point of Consciousness,
Generally focused on this or that;
On objects, thoughts, sensations-perceptions.

Many “things” arise in the Field of Perception,
But Attention generally focuses here or there,
On this or that.

Right now it's on these words as you read them,
But in an instant you might hear a bird singing,
And Attention will turn to that.

Abiding as “I Am” is fruitful,
If the Totality of Attention rests there,
And not simply the mind.

Then, self-identity, moving as Attention,
Turns from acute “outer” focus,
Back, into ambient “inner” unlocatability.

Until one day… Attention does not return.
Seeking enlightenment…
It Vanishes, instead.

Then… free of the intercessor “i”,
Even though the eyes may look here or there,
The mind may consider this or that,
And the body may move here or there
In the apparition of space and time…

But Attention remains at that placeless place
Where Lover and Beloved embrace,
Free at last of the intercessor “self”.

Formlessness shines,
Into, and as, Form.