At Last I've Given Up

At last I've given up seeking a “description”,
Of that Unimaginable Death unto Life,
And the Heart's Radiant Presence, thereafter.

The mind will simply have to make peace,
With living in Wonder,
Free of concepts.

Many, if asked, have descriptions,
Born of their “beliefs”, their faith,
Their religion.

They can expound for hours,
With passionate eloquence,
The “truth” of concepts they hold dear.

And thus…
I have discovered,
They “Know” nothing of This, at all.

They are assertive of their “beliefs”,
Fierce debaters,
Skillful logicians.

Arguing that this is surely so,
And that is surely “truth”,
And if this, then surely that.

And I can only sigh,
And continue living,
In Wonder and Surrender.

In Not Knowing.

I offer no “concepts” at all,
About this Unfathomable Mystery,
No theories concerning the nature of “reality”.

I have nothing to advise in the way of doing,
Or refraining from doing,
Except, perhaps…

To Remember,
With the Whole of your Being,
That which you Love.

Beyond that, I offer,
Only this Mysterious Experience,
As one possessed by Benediction,

Come to through Longing,
And inward turning,
And Grace.