Astounded Lucid Confusion

When Shyams* stole Rumi's Heart,
The Wilderness of The Unknowable,
Encroached upon the temple of Rumi's mind,
Entwining, around, within, and through,
Until the knowledge that had accrued there,
Became tinder for The Fire of Experience…

And a Brilliant Scholar became a Brilliant Sufi.

Through the brightening of Love's ember,
Was the framework of the known,
Made ever more brittle and dry,
And ignited, at last,
Through an encounter,
With The Flame of Love…

Alight in the Heart of The Beloved.

Then roof and walls collapsed,
Words, pages, chapters, books consumed,
Revealing, in their ashes,
The Love in knowledge hidden,
Veiled in words, concealed in concepts,
And Rumi lived thereafter, as he wrote, himself…

“In astounded, lucid confusion.”

* Rumi's guru, or murshid