A Most Exquisite “Possession”

Early on, soon after his realization,
Before pundits, years later, taught him the scriptures,
Before he learned that metaphysical language,
Ramana Maharshi referred to his condition,
Using a Tamil word, “avesam”, meaning…


“Something” had become an aspect,
Of his ongoing experience,
“Something” not previously present,
Within… felt… visceral… palpable,
And the young lad felt himself…


Call it what you will;
The Self,
It was, Experientially…

A most Divine “Possession”.

He spoke, in those days, not in abstractions,
Not using nondual terminologies,
Of a conceptual framework of “reality”,
But pointed to Direct Experience,
To a “Felt Sense”, Within…

A most Extraordinary “Possession”.

Something effortlessly ever present,
A formless Heart, somehow near the heart,
Emanating Fullness, Completion, and Bliss,
Uncaused, untouched, unmoved,
By circumstance or conditionality.

A most Sublime “Possession”.

I have vanished in The Beloved,
Before the duality of She and I,
Before the birth of all duality,
And returning… found Her here, as well,
A Living Presence, Shining in the Heart…

A most Illuminating “Possession”.

The Beloved, there, pulling my sleeve,
“Come… Embrace Me…
And vanishing from existence,
As a thing alive,
Exist as… Life Itself.”

A most Exquisite “Possession”.