A Little Trickle

When “I” drowned in The Ocean,
From which all that appears, appears,
There was no duality whatsoever,
And yet “I” Remember Existence as Nonexistence.

How can “I” Remember, when “I” was not?

It can only be that “I Am”, even when “I” am not,
Though “what” I Am remains a Mystery.
For in that Heaven of Nonexistent Existence,
Who, what, when, where, why, and how did not exist.

Are not all words that follow the unfollowable, folly?

In any case, such questions hold no allure.
I leave them to jurists and theologians,
Who delight in describing “reality”, and law,
Creating “believers”, and endless strife.

The only matter of consequence to “me”,
Is that even as “I” exist in this Dream of form,
“I Am” Shines Formless, still, in the Heart,
A little trickle, a Stream from Heaven Flowing…

From “I Am” into, and as “I”.

And the mind rushes in…
How can “into” and “as” both be true?
How can the Soul be “of” God, yet distinct?
How many angels fit on the head of a pin?

I can only struggle to convey,
That which can never be conveyed,
That where The Kingdom of Heaven ends,
And “I” begin, I can no longer discern.

A Little Trickle flowing, each drop, The Ocean.

When you weary of dogma and belief,
The Great Question, “What am I?” will drive you,
Within, past all that mind and senses present,
Past even the questioning “I”…

To the Kingdom of Heaven, “I Am”.

And upon your Return to this Dream of existence,
I pray you, too, will have poked a hole in Heaven,
And the Light of “I Am” will Shine, Illuminating “I”,
Brightening the Hearts of all you meet upon The Way.

A little Light, a little Beam Shining, all colors in One.