After The Beloved Filled my Heart…

I read that tears would never again fall,
But they did, for the suffering of this world,
And still… She remained, Compassionate, Merciful.

I read that frustration would never come,
But it did, in ways both petty and great,
And still… She remained, Serene, Unmoved.

I read that the movement of desire would subside,
But it arose, even in the midst of Fullness,
And still… She remained, Ecstatic, Rapturous.

I read that thinking would cease at last,
But it did not, only the “thinker” vanished,
And still… She remained, Silent, Still.

I read that fear would never again well up,
But it did, the “weather” of emotion continuing,
And still… She remained, Untouched, Unmoved.

All that I had taken myself to be, remained,
After The Divine Thief stole my self,
And still… I remained, no longer me.

So many things written in scripture,
Proved so terribly misconstrued,
After The Beloved Filled my Heart.

For all that had been before,
Though forever changed by Her Presence,
Remained thereafter…

Except for me.