A Fairy Tale

Through all my wanderings in this world,
Through the lustfulness of youth,
And the ambition of middle age,
I held, among my other desires,
The desire for…

A fairy tale.

A Dream of Heaven, of Love unconditioned,
A Dream of Ecstasy, not of the body,
A Dream of Peace, beyond imagining,
A Dream in which inherent suffering,
Was no longer…

A fairy tale.

Born empirically minded, yet full of Longing,
I would have none of faith or belief,
In things unprovable, and likely imagined,
Of impossible dreams born of the suffering,
Of simply being incarnate…

Fairy tales.

And so one day, seeking and end to Suffering,
I turned within, to the Unbearable Longing,
For what I knew I must have been,
Before ever I learned a word,
Before ever I knew what “i” was…

A fairy tale.

So many words I had read,
So many teachings of so many paths,
So disheartening, all, in the course of time.
Of the “Truth” they held forth, and the Ways to it,
My weary Heart would have no more…

Of fairy tales.

Within… Within… Within…
Past words, concepts, and images,
Of myself and the world,
And all that the senses presented,
Presented to… what?

A fairy tale.

There, beyond within and without,
Through Unimaginable Grace,
“i” Vanished, and all creation with me,
And that which Is before all that arises,
Was what I was, without myself…

The fairy tale…True.

The Love, Ecstasy, and Peace I sought… I was.
That dream of Sufferings end… I was.
My Heart's Desire… I was.
All of this… I was…
When I was not.

Heaven… True.

This is not my tale of Grace alone,
But each of ours, who ache with Longing,
Along this Path of Love and Surrender,
Loving that… for which no words exist,
And which disheartening experience deems…

A fairy tale.

Within, Dear Heart…
To the Feeling of yourself,
Before the Feeling of your self…

The Heart's Desire… Fulfilled.

And when the world reappears,
The Light of Heaven, your Own Pure Light,
Will Shine as it Shines already,
Within your Longing Heart,
Into this world of ever-changing Duality…

This… fairy tale.

You will exist in Fullness,
In the world of Fullness and Emptiness,
You will exist in Bliss,
In the world of Ecstasy and Agony,
You will exist, a Sublime Formless Radiance…

A fairy tale come true.