A Different “Place”

This Fullness, Completion, and Bliss,
Does not exist in the realm,
Of ever-changing conditionality,
In the ever-changing weather of manifestation.

This Fullness, Completion, and Bliss,
Has nothing whatsoever to do,
With “becoming” this or that,
With “doing” or “not doing”,

Nothing to do with “changing”,
With “perfecting”,
With starting or stopping,
With “when” or “if”.

This Fullness, Completion, and Bliss,
Exists in a… “different place”.
Within which, from which, as which,
Both Lover and Beloved arise.

Although Joy and Sorrow may ebb and flow,
Laughter and tears may come and go,
Faith and belief stand strong or collapse…
This Presence remains, in a… “different place”…

The Wellspring of The Heart.

And although Unmoved and Impenetrable,
Untouched by the ever-changing nature,
Of this Dream of Heaven and Hell,
This Fullness, Completion, and Bliss…

Illumines the Dream…

From a Different Place.